Cyrus Tilton’s mother and father, native Alaskans, espoused the values of the back-to- nature movement of the Sixties and when they were first married, set up house by the Matanuska River in the wilderness northeast of Anchorage. Cyrus remembers being a toddler in a one-room cabin, his mother fetching water for his bath from the river below the house, and getting a home visit from a bear. The vast expanses of Alaska were always just outside Cryus’s back door, even when the family moved to a house in Chugiak, close to Anchorage. From there, he could still trace with his eye the profile of Mt. Susitna, the great “Sleeping Lady” that dominates the horizon west of Anchorage, and watch the seasons roll through the splendid birch forests of the great north.

Since then he’s been searching for elements of The Great Good Place in all the locales where life has taken him. His move to the Bay Area brought him into contact with a postindustrial urban landscape, where he now observes the processes of decay at work in concrete and steel with the same keenness that he watched, back in Alaska, the powerful effects of weathering and erosion on his surroundings. Wherever he goes, he never leaves behind his love of nature and his delight in analyzing the intricate structures of organic forms.

Born in 1977, Cyrus has been making art for as long as he can remember. Cyrus was awarded a full tuition scholarship to Art Institute of Seattle and graduated from there in 1998. In 1999 he took the position of Lead Sculptor at Scientific Art Studio in Richmond, California, working closely with the sculptor Ron Holthuysen, SAS’s founder and creative director. Cyrus is now Art Director at SAS.