Hi-Fructose, October 2014 Photo by Nastia Voynovskaya See Photo

ArtNet News, October 2014 Photo by Ben Davis See Photo

Sculpture Magazine, September 2013 by Peter Selz

Quote: "Absence, Tilton's recent show, assembled a range of surprises. Suggesting Magrittte's paintings with a 21st-Century aesthetic, these sculptures form fantastic equivocations, prompted by the mysteries of life." Continue Reading

Art Ltd., May 2013

Quote: “By recalling historical references and emphasizing material processes, Tilton expresses multiple, complex emotional ramifications of human longing.” Continue Reading


East Bay Express, April 2013 review by Alex Bigman

Quote: "Consisting of an evocative mixture of industrial, domestic, and organic-looking materials (steel wires, muslin, and epoxy appear often), the sculptures betray the artist's talent as a sculptor as well as his inclination toward unsettling, almost Dadaist absurdities: Gaping cavities and decapitation are common fates for his otherwise shapely figures." Continue Reading

Art: 21 Blog, October 2011

Quote: “Tilton’s current show, The Cycle, is no less suggestive in its satirizing of humankind’s conformist and consumerist instincts: we’re like locusts, grasshoppers that overbreed when conditions are right and, at a certain level of tactile stimulation from overcrowding, mutate from solitary feeders to billion-bug superorganisms that devastate crops wherever they land—the entomological equivalent of slash-and-burn Third-World agriculturalists or their technologically but not morally advanced First-World analogues.” Continue Reading

Art Ltd. September 2011

Quote: “Cyrus Tilton’s sculpture The Mandrill and the Mantis (2011) perhaps portrays our collective humanity.” Continue Reading

East Bay Express, October 2011

Quote: “The installation, "The Cycle," is an eye-popping swarm of almost five hundred smaller locusts, their whirring wings nicely rendered in gathered tulle; suspended, puppet-like, on fishing line, from a loosely articulated bamboo lattice that is caused to undulate by a motorized crankshaft, they seem to drift back and forth like reef fish.” Continue Reading

Oakland Tribune, May 2010  Quote: “A Place In-Between gathers the artist’s kinetic, mixed-media pieces depicting haunting, fragmented figures.” 

Oakland Tribune, May 2010

Quote: “A Place In-Between gathers the artist’s kinetic, mixed-media pieces depicting haunting, fragmented figures.” 

East Bay Express May 2010 Review by DeWitt Cheng

Quote: “Tilton, [...] uses his anatomical knowledge and expert craftsmanship to good effect, but he also knows how to use material and process poetically” Continue Reading

Oaktown Art May 2010

Quote: “Many of the pieces seem to be about the complexity and changeability of identity and persona, and incorporate interactivity to convey these ideas.” Continue Reading

Artbusiness.com May 2010

Quote: “Cyrus Tilton presents his surreal kinetic (and static) sculptures, beautifully engineered as well as poetic and strange.” Continue Reading